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Check The Weather A Few Days Before Camp

Read Through This Page So You Know What To Bring ....

You're going to need clothes for 4 days plus swimwear for the waterslide. Warm pyjamas are a must as it can feel very cold in a tent.

The camp site can be very windy so pack a couple of jumpers or hoodies and you will need a waterproof jacket or coat.

If the weather forecast is sunny don't forget a hat, sunglasses and sun cream.

One big rule at camp is no bare feet outside of the tents, so bring a couple of different pairs of footwear like trainers and flip flops to go to the shower or waterslide.  Wellies or hikingboots would be better if the weather looks like it will be wet.

Don't forget to label your stuff, you will be sharing a tent with others.

Remember if you decide to bring your phone or an MP3 player then you will be expected to store it in our secure box during activities and hand it in at bedtime.

We will lend you a roll mat and we recommend bringing a cosy sleeping bag and a pillow if you want a good night's sleep. We can lend you a sleeping bag but if possible we prefer you to bring your own. Sorry but we do not have any pillows although a rolled up hoodie can work.

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