We want to give every child a very special experience when they come to camp. We want them to enjoy themselves, make new friends and feel safe. We know that some children need extra help to do this and we will do all we can to support them. We have a great deal of experience in making adjustments to our provision so that children are able to come to camp and succeed. This includes visits to camp before their attendance, matching them with a group leader with the personality and skills to meet their needs, time out areas for when children are stressed, special areas to eat and alternative activities when the activities on offer do not work for the child.

We have a volunteer who is an experienced SENCO. If you would like to speak to her before making your booking, she is happy to talk things through. If your child has an EHCP we will call you to talk through their needs so that you, and we, are sure that we can meet their needs and keep them safe. If you want to talk to us about your child you can contact us by using the contact form. Don't forget to give a phone number so we we can call you. (click here to contact us)
We hope that you can see that we work hard to support children with additional needs and want to be as inclusive as possible. However, we are unable offer constant supervision and 1 to 1 support so here are some things you might want to think about.
  • We are all volunteers at camp with a wide range of experience and skills. Some of our volunteers, in their working life, are teachers and some have a great deal of experience of working with children with additional needs but they will not be there on every camp as the volunteer group can be different on each camp. You might want to talk to us about the best dates for your child if they need more experienced and skilled volunteers to work with them.
  • The site is large and open. There are always staff on duty through day and night. During the night we have a security guard who checks the whole site and so they cannot watch all children at all times. This means that children need to be able to understand the boundaries and be able to stay within them. They need to be able to go to bed at night and stay in their tent (except to go to the toilet) in order to stay safe.
  • We need the children to be able to understand our code of conduct and follow the rules so that they can stay safe.
  • We can offer some prompting to get dressed and washed and change clothes, children do need to be able to wash and dress themselves and ask for help if they are struggling.
  • The children sleep in tents of up to 4 children of the same gender, no child sleeps alone. Children who come with a friend settle more quickly.
Finally, we have had a lot of children with additional needs who have had a great time at camp. It works best when we have good information before they come so that we can plan for their stay, can keep in touch with you while they are at camp and can contact you quickly if there is a problem.