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  • Is my child allowed to share a tent with their friends?
    Yes - Tents are limited to 4 children and are single sex. That said, we are understanding of the challenges this may present to children who are questioning their gender, and we will therefore do our best to accommodate all children sensitively and appropriately.
  • My child won’t know anyone else there, will this be a problem?
    No – we play several ‘getting to know you’ games before children go into their tents so children can find children that they want to share a tent with. This grouping then helps them to make friends and get to know others at camp.
  • My child still wets the bed; will this be an issue?
    No – many children still experience these problems, especially when sleeping outside for the first time. Our experienced volunteers will discretely deal with any issues and will replace bedding/clothing where necessary.
  • Is the site secure at night?
    Yes, there is a security guard patrolling the site during the night. The children are told to stay in their tent at night unless they need to go to the toilet, feel unwell or feel unsafe in some way. If your child is ill or worried in the night the security guard will wake the on-call volunteers to help them.
  • How do I get in touch with summer camp?
    You can call or text us via the camp phone (07745 284983). This phone will only be monitored between the hours of 9am and 9pm so you may not get a response outside of these hours. You can email us via Again, this will not be monitored outside the hours of 9am and 9pm. You can share feedback or raise queries at any time via the Contact Us page on our website. Between each camp we have a 1-2 day changeover period where staff have time off to re-energise ready for the next group of children. During these times we will not be available by phone and suggest you use our email address or website to get in touch if you need to.
  • What happens if my child loses some of their belongings?
    This happens all the time! We have a lost property box at Camp and children can reclaim any lost items throughout camp and we do a final check at the end of Camp. If your child returns home without something please contact us as soon as possible. It really helps if you put their name in and do not send them with expensive or precious belongings.
  • What happens if my child gets homesick?
    We have a supportive team of volunteers who are very experienced at dealing with these issues. We try to get the children engaged so they can forget that they are homesick. If this does not work, we will phone you for advice and agree how you want to handle it. Often a phone call to home will help. If your child rings you upset ask them to talk to Jane, Fran or Gwen and ring us on the emergency number to let us know there is a problem.
  • Can my child bring their mobile phone?
    We are very proud of our ‘low tech’ summer camp that allows children to escape elements of modern life. Phones can be a distraction from the activities we have on offer and also pose a risk in terms of internet safety and cyber bullying.Whilst phones and other devices are allowed at camp, we strongly advise that they do not bring one. Phones are very easily lost or broken on the field or in their tent, and we are unable to take responsibility for any loss or damage.Any child that brings a phone to camp will need to hand it in to staff so that it can be stored securely. They will be able to access their phones during set times in the day but they will be locked away for the rest of the time.Access to social media whilst on camp is not allowed as most popular social media apps are not appropriate for children under 14 years of age.
  • What happens if my child falls sick at Camp?
    Any children who fall sick or injures themself at Camp will be dealt with by our qualified first aiders. Any existing medical conditions are noted and dealt with appropriately. In more serious circumstances, parents will be contacted and the appropriate medical assistance will be sought. Our parent leaflet gives you more information on how we handle injuries and illness.
  • What happens if my child is bullied at Camp?
    We have a strict anti-bullying policy at Camp and it is taken very seriously. At the start of camp, we do an anti-bullying session with all the children to remind them that bullying is wrong. If your child is bullied, they should tell their group leader or come to see Jane, Fran or Gwen. If they phone you and say they are being bullied please call us at camp straight away so we can deal with it. Please emphasise that they must tell someone so we can help them and keep them safe.
  • Can I drop-off/collect my child directly at the campsite?
    No. The access to the site is difficult and it would not be safe to have a number of cars coming on to site when the children are arriving. So, all transport is from the designated locations at Huddersfield bus station, Dewsbury bus station or Woolley Edge Services. If you child needs to arrive/leave at a very different time then please get in contact with the Camp to make special arrangements.
  • What happens if my child misses the pick-up bus?
    You will need to phone or email the camp site and we will find a solution.
  • Does my child need to bring any money?
    Your child will have the opportunity to purchase an exciting selection of different goodies such as sweets and glow sticks. Although this is not compulsory, it enhances their experience of camp. We advise that children bring no more than £15 and most children bring £5 to £10.
  • My child has special dietary needs can you meet them?
    We regularly provide vegetarian, vegan, Halal and gluten free diets. We also cater for specific allergies; just let us know what your child requires and we can ensure that their needs are met.
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