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Things You Need To Know

Facilities - We camp in a scout camp near Woolley Edge and we have running water, flushing toilets and shower facilities as well as a well-equipped kitchen.


Transport -   We collect and return the children by bus and the pick up points are Huddersfield and Dewsbury Bus stations and Woolley Edge Services.


Security – There are always volunteer staff on site.  When the children go to bed, and are settled, the volunteers also go to bed so the site is usually quiet by around midnight. During the night a security guard secures the site to keep the site safe. They will wake up volunteer staff if the children need any help in the night.

Policies and ProceduresWe have a number of policies and procedures which govern our work. The key ones are set below along with our parent’s leaflet and advice on how we handle sickness and transport. Our policies are updated every year.

A place on camp will cost £61.00 per child and £10.00 for children eligible for an assisted place. Bookings open late March . If you need any more information before then please email us at

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